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Mother of a JHS 2 pupil of K4 Junior High School, Charity Donkor, is demanding answers for why her daughter was beaten by a teacher for running an errand for another teacher.

Madam Donkor says her daughter’s entire body is swollen and bruised as she bleeds as a result of beatings visited on her by her teacher for simply running an errand for another teacher called, Nii Birdman Vanderpujie.

The teacher was said not to be satisfied with answers given by the pupil for not being in class and therefore decided to beat her up, using his bare hands at some points.

“My daughter came back from school crying so I tried to find out why only for her to tell me that her teacher has beaten her. I asked her to remove her school uniform and I saw bruises all over her body and when I asked why she said her teacher beat her because she ran an errand for another teacher called Nii,” she said.

According to Madam Donkor, authorities at the school have failed to give her any answers, except to plead for the matter to be resolved out of court.

But madam Charity says her family wants justice and wouldn’t accept an out-of-court settlement.


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