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Los Angeles police arrested a woman in connection with the brutal beating of a 91-year-old man.A woman was arrested Tuesday night in the case of a 91-year-old Mexican man who was brutally beaten with a concrete brick in an allegedly racist attack in Willowbrook, California, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

The reported incident occurred on July 4, and a witness told The Washington Post that he saw a woman push the man, Rodolfo Rodriguez, to the ground and hit him. She reportedly yelled at the man, “Go back to your country.”

Several other people were also reportedly involved in the assault, according to the witness, Misbel Borjas, who was driving by when she saw the incident.

Los Angeles resident Laquisha Jones, 30, was arrested after being identified from a picture that Borjas took, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. She was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and is being held in lieu of a $200,000 bail.

Police have not located the weapon, and investigators are still determining if there were other suspects involved, according to the police department.


Rodriguez was hospitalized for his injuries and is currently recovering at home. He suffered a broken jaw and cheekbone, two broken ribs and severe bruising, according to his family.

The elderly man was born in Mexico but is a permanent resident of the United States. He was out for his daily walk when the woman attacked him for no reason, Rodriguez told CNN. The woman then recruited a group of men to join the beating by telling them that Rodriguez was trying to steal her daughter, who was with her during the attack, Rodriguez said.

A GoFundMe campaign started by Rodiguez’s family to pay for his medical expenses had raised $248,307 — far exceeding the $15,000 goal — as of Wednesday morning.

This is a developing story. Check back for more updates.

|Huffington Post

Latinos live matter too...how can people be so cruel?

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