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An Oregon mother targeted by package thieves got back at the culprits with a decoy box filled with her infant son's soiled diapers.

Angie Boliek posted a photo to Facebook showing the box of diapers she put out for thieves on her Hillsboro porch along with a note reading, "Enjoy this you thief!"

Boliek said the initial stolen package contained 4-month-old Ben's new Christmas pajamas.

"It's the season for stealing, I guess," Boliek told KATU-TV. "Thursday I got an email from the store saying it was delivered and I did not receive it."

The mother said she put the box of dirty diapers out on Sunday and it was gone by Monday evening.

"I wanted to get my own, I guess, passive-aggressive revenge," Boliek said.

She said the diapers were particularly pungent.

"Well, he's been sick the last week, so we'll just leave it at that," Boliek said. "It's pretty gross."

Boliek said she reported the theft to the police and she and her husband are looking into installing a security camera on their porch.


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Revenge :)

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