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World famous Grumpy Cat dies aged 7 after making her owner millions

INTERNET legend Grumpy Cat has died at the tender age of seven after making her owners millions.

Known to her family as Tardar Sauce, the miserable moggie passed away at her home on Tuesday after battling a urinary tract infection, her family revealed today.

Her family revealed the sad news of Tardar’s passing today

The celeb pet raked in millions of pounds from personal appearances, books and even movies – prompting her owner Tabatha Bundesen to quit her waitress job in 2013 to manage her career full time.

However, a reported figure of $100m in earnings has been repeatedly denied by the family.

Tardar’s death is premature as house cats can live up to 17 – although the Guinness World Record for the oldest moggie is held by a feline in Texas which died in 2005 aged 38.

She shot to fame in 2012 when Tabatha’s brother posted a picture of her on popular online discussion site Reddit pointing out her permanently grumpy face.

Tardar became a social media sensation with her famous scowl adorning millions of internet memes.

The feline was even the subject of her own 2014 movie in Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever which was a made-for-television feature broadcast on the US network Lifetime.

Tabatha said her frown was the result of a form of dwarfism.

The family successfully sued a coffee company last year for £555,000 in a copyright lawsuit.

Grumpy Cat Limited took legal action against US firm Grenade for exceeding an agreement relating to Tardar’s image.

According to the suit, the company had the right to use the cat’s picture to sell its “Grumppiccino” iced drink but had used it to flog other products.

|The Sun

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