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Woman with ‘UK’s biggest lips’ makes £5,000 each month by ‘financially degrading men’

Sofia Lips has already spent £50,000 on plastic surgery, but she has no plans to stop any time soon.

So far she’s had numerous cosmetic procedures to her lips, cheeks, chin, and jawline, as well as an eyebrow lift, lift lip, two nose jobs, veneers and Botox.

She wants a full head-to-toe transformation, and is willing to go to extreme lengths to get her dream appearance.

She said: “Facial feminisation is one of my big procedures I have planned as I’m trans and have certain features on my face that I don’t like.

“Although I’ve been changing my appearance for a few years now, I know this is just the start for me!

“I’m doing a full head-to-toe transformation, I want to go very extreme with my face like Pete Burns and Amanda Lapore.”

Sofia five years ago (Image: Jam Press)

Sofia, from Lancashire, hopes her next surgery, which she’s planning to travel to Florida for, will give her her “dream boobs”.

But getting her dream look isn’t cheap, and Sofia has come up with an unusual way to make cash.

She makes thousands of pounds each month by sharing saucy photos of herself online, specialising in “financially degrading” men.

She started off working as an escort then realised she could make extra cash with the unusual approach which sees men pay her to demand money from them.

She said: “I started off escorting then quickly realised there is this whole world of findom (a form of financial domination whereby men willingly send money to a domme) and cash pigs and cash slaves.

“My mind was blown and I’ve not looked back since.

“Just this morning I woke up to a text from a guy asking me if there’s anything he’d like me to do today.

“I told him, ‘yes, start by emptying your bank account into mine and then I want you to write lines saying, I must obey goddess Sofia Lips’ and he sent me £1700 and is still writing lines.”

She had some very bizarre requests since starting the unusual role, and she claims that some men just ask to meet her at cashpoints.

They enter their pin and allow her to withdraw however much money she likes.

She said: “Some men are very strange.”

Sofia says she is regularly inundated with romantic messages from admiring fans, including almost weekly marriage proposals, offers of free holidays and shopping trips.

Some men even like to post money through her letterbox.

“I’ve had guys tattoo my name on them without even meeting them, plane tickets purchased for me to go and see them and I’ve been gifted two cars but I can’t drive so I just sell them,” she said.


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