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Woman marries stranger she met in taxi, paid fare for him

Annet Nakabonye, a 28-year-old Ugandan lady was all smiles during her introduction ceremony as she recalled how she met her man by chance.

According to, the business lady first laid her eyes on her man in a taxi. Through a stroke of fate, her man Jacob Luwo who was still a stranger in 2012 did not carry his wallet.

The two had boarded the same vehicle and Annet chose to do the noblest thing – pay the stranger’s fare. Little did she know the clock had already started ticking in anticipation of her happily ever after.

Completely blown away by the woman’s kindness, Luwo decided to ask for her contacts before leaving the car. “I had no single coin on me but to my surprise, a lady in the taxi offered to pay for my journey,” Luwo said.

Within two years, the strangers turned into friends who spoke often and maintained a close platonic relationship. However, Luwo felt like there was more than just friendship between them so in 2014 he professed his love to Annet.

Even though she was not willing to be my girlfriend, I chose not to lose hope. We remained friends for about six months, until I brought the issue up again,” he added. After being turned down again, things looked up in 2016 when Annet agreed to be with Luwo during his birthday.

Since then, the two have been inseparable. “She said yes to me but asked me to let her complete school before we got married,” Luwo said.

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