Why lady poured salt in food lover’s mother cooked will shock you

A Kumasi-based woman, identified simply as Linda, has gone the extreme to prevent third party involvement in her relationship.

Heavily pregnant Linda poured a full sachet of salt in dinner her mother-in-law prepared for her 55-year-old lover, though she refused to serve him any meal for days.

On why she undertook the act, Linda told Nhyira FM’s Obra panelists that since she took seed, her lover had failed to provide upkeep for the family and is rather spending lavishly on his mother and alcohol.

With three mouths to feed, she said she took the job of a ‘waakye seller’, which was giving her little money to manage her home, but her husband sacked her customers with a single sentence.

Linda’s lover, after an argument, invaded her spot and announced that she prepares her waakye with urine and watched the customers in a queue slowly disperse.

The 28-year-old said she thought her lover will now provide for the family, but, he never did, with the excuse his mother provides him his daily meal.

Consequently, she said, her in-law visited them with a bowl of fufu and while her lover was away, sipping appetizer in a local bar, she made the meal inedible with a lot of salt.

Linda dropped a bombshell when she confessed she is not remorseful, as a matter of fact, she will repeat her action until her lover takes responsibility of their home.



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