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Why it is important to date an ‘emotionally-intelligent’ person

What’s your checklist?

Most of us have a mental checklist of a perfect partner. He or she should be good-looking, caring, understanding, supportive, sweet, modern, independent, intellectual and the list is endless. But one of the most important traits we need to add on to this list is ‘emotional intelligence’. Why? Read on…

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the capability of a person to be aware and in control of his or her emotions. The person understands and accepts his or her true feelings and does not hesitate in expressing them. To explain better, here are some signs of an emotionally-intelligent person and why they make amazing partners.

They are self-aware

Emotionally-intelligent people acknowledge their feelings and thoughts, and embrace themselves for the person they are. When in a relationship, they do not shy away in expressing themselves and this makes it much easier for their partner to understand them better.

They are deeply empathetic

An emotionally-intelligent partner is empathetic and makes constant efforts to understand you better. Whenever you would be having a not-so-good day, they would be all ears to listen to your problem, ask questions, understand the situation and be there for you.

They can handle rejection!

They are not afraid of being vulnerable and hence, can handle rejection without disrupting their peace of mind. That does not mean they are immune to feelings of sadness. But they are strong enough to deal with such emotions and overcome them with time.

They are not scared to love!

Their past experiences might not have been good, but that has not dented them emotionally. They are happy in their own company and would step into a relationship only when the other person adds happiness to their already existing happy life. They are hopeful life has good things in store for them and are not scared to fall in love again!

They don’t judge

You can confide in them with your deepest secrets and be assured they won’t judge you. They might dig deeper on certain issues, try to understand the situation better and opine, but will never gossip behind your back or have double standards.

When in a relationship

When in a relationship, an emotionally-intelligent person will always encourage open communication and will be a supportive partner. They respond, not react, to testing situations and in fact, you would always have something to learn from their humble, optimistic attitude.


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