White lady recounts how Ghanaian man stopped his wedding to ‘beg’ her dad to make her his 2nd wife

In what may seem an absurdity but very true, a white lady recounted how a Ghanaian man had his wedding halted just so he could ask her father to give her off as a second wife. According to the lady currently resident in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with the Twitter handle, @CharisKalt, she was only fifteen at the time.

She indicated that the Ghanaian man was getting married to his new bride at the time when he stopped the marriage proceedings to ask her father to give her over in marriage as well. @CharisKalt detailed her experience when she visited Ghana with her father as a minor. She shared her story in response to a tweet that requested that people should ”tell me a story about yourself that sounds like a lie but is absolutely true’ . @CharisKalt said the groom made the demand of her becoming his second wife in front of his bride.

‘Ghana Twitter found me so fast Loved Accra, such an awesome place with awesome people!!! But to this day I believe I’m in his professional wedding album sitting on a mantle somewhere,”@CharisKalt added in another tweet.

The bizarre and absurdity of her story make it hard to believe, however, considering her age at the time and even now, child marriage is still permitted in some families and African communities. Girls below the accepted legal age for marriage are given to older men to pay off family debts among other reasons.

The actual wedding pictures are taking me out lmaooo like ur parents really said go & take a picture w/ this dude that’s tryna buy u off of us,” Hot Gyal A said.



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