Watch: Groom forcefully kisses bride at the wedding

Love or marriage is not by force, one would aptly say, but a hilarious video that has gone viral on social media seems to be proving this saying wrong.

‘You may kiss the bride’ which is supposed to be the most fascinating part of a wedding ceremony rather became a headache for an African bride as she was reluctant in performing the solemn ritual.

The clip, which depicts a groom forcing his bride to act right on their own wedding day, indeed shows that marriage can be by fire, by force.

In the funny video on social media which did not clearly state where the wedding was held, the groom practically forced a kiss, but his reluctant wife did not want to go through the ritual.

The kissing act itself was done in a very awkward and hesitant manner as the groom gestured with his fingers for the bride to avail herself.

The ever-ready groom kissed both cheeks of the bride before finally, the duo locked lips for a while.

Even more, the expression on the bride’s face who had her arms tightly folded was evident that she was not enjoying her own wedding ceremony

After the long-awaited kiss, she stared at her hubby with a stubborn face.

Source: lafftheory

I think they started on the worse before it gets better…


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