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Video: Hairdresser narrates how customer’s hair caught fire in her shop

How does it feel when a customer loses her hair in your salon as a professional hairdresser? Very bad right?

That was a terrifying experience Dorcas Afia Danquah Sakyi had in her salon, Max Parlour at Kokomlemle while working on a customer’s hair.

Narrating her ordeal on a social discussion segment on Adom FM’s morning show dubbed, Y’asem Nie, she said a pastor’s wife had her braids burnt in the salon after they were done braiding the hair.

“This pastor’s wife comes to our shop every day but the fact is she is very troublesome and never liked our senior apprentice. One day she came to braid her hair in our shop and when we finished braiding her hair, her braids caught fire in the process of smoothing the braids with a candle,” she narrated.

“We were shocked to see this incident happen in our shop because it has never happened before,” she recounted.


It’s funny when your customer’s hair is on fire and you wonder why you don’t get more customers? Words travel quickly you know…even more disgusted that they think it’s the customer’s fault that it happened. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

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