Use MoMo, e-banking for the offering; no crowd dancing, handkerchief waving – Gov’t to Christians

Churches and Christians who wish to fellowship following the President’s easing of restrictions on social gathering, can only do so under some strict guidelines, including ensuring that offerings are given wirelessly through electronic means such as Mobile Money and e-banking systems, the Minister of Religious Affairs has said among other at a press conference on Monday, 1 June 2020.

Read the full guidelines below:

1.  Churches are to ensure a No-handshake, No-hugging, and No-Spitting policy at all times.

2.No crowded dancing and waving of handkerchiefs during church services.

3.  Microphones are to be sanitized immediately after each use.

4. All persons who speak or sing in churches must wear facemask during service.

5. Churches are to discourage singing in groups and instead use pre-recorded songs.

6.  Pre-packaged communion bread and wine should be picked up by members at the point of entry.

7.  Place offering bowls at the entrance and exit points for members to give offerings and tithes when entering or on their way out of church premises. Encourage cash transfers via mobile money or mobile banking as forms of giving offerings.

8.  In observance of social-distancing protocols, laying-on of hands should not be allowed.


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