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University offers students grave to lie in to cope with exam stress

Radboud University in Nijmegen has dug a ‘purification grave’ to help students reflect on the futility of their existence – and it’s certainly different.

A university has come up with an unusual method of helping its students to cope with exam stress – a meditation grave.

Many have been trying to offer a range of alternative therapies to help students suffering from anxiety during exam periods.

The grave experience can be booked for a minimum of 30 minutes and up to three hours (Image: Ruptly)

Some have offered therapy dog sessions, mindfulness meetings, and even designated quiet spaces, but no university has gone quite as far as Radboud University.

Located in the Dutch city of Nijmegen, they recently went viral after an alumni revealed their unique approach to managing student stress- a grave.

Yes, behind the student chapel is an open grave, and whilst it’s not operational in the strictest sense of the word, people are dying to get in it.

Inside the grave is an appropriate sign which says ‘stay weird’.

According to the students, the bizarre project is so popular they had to be put on a waiting list to secure an early grave.

Student Sean McLaughlin said: “Me and my housemate were planning on going a week ago, a week and a half ago, and we found that there is a waiting list to actually get into the grave, so it’s quite popular, so we didn’t get the chance yet, but I plan to go sometime soon whenever I move up,”

The ‘purification grave’, complete with a blanket and yoga mat, allows for comfortable, if a tad morbid, meditation.

But according to the project’s founder John Hacking, a member of staff at the student chapel, the grave is actually about making pupils appreciate their time on this earth a little more.

John told Ruptly: “The end of life, death, is a taboo, difficult for students… death is very difficult to talk about, especially when you are 18, 19, 20 years old.”

Popularised by campus posters under the title “memento mori”, Latin for “remember you will die”, the grave experience can be booked for a minimum of 30 minutes and up to three hours.


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