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We are already mid-way through the first month of the year 2017 and I can imagine you already holding your breath or gasping for the last of it. It is heated, it is tortuous and you may be stressed and disinterested in work after the long Christmas and new year break and the big task schedules for 2017. Nevertheless, all these shall pass away. In the end, you will come out victorious.

Can, I hear a loud ‘AMEN’? After all, there is not and will never be a month like January.

Now put all the ironies of my story title away. I know for sure that you may think it as mischievous. But not taking it as a pinch of salt, you will know that every single word of the clause ‘January is the best month of the year’ is true. If not loudly, at least you can admit that in your heart.

So here are 5 reasons why January is the best month of the year.

1.January is the month for Planning, Making resolutions and forging forward

When did you make all your plans for 2017? Some may say in December 2016, January 2017 or even September 2017. When did you begin enforcing the resolutions for 2017? The answer is January 2017 without a dispute. Businesses begin restructuring and allocating budget in January. People make their sales and purchase plans. Decisions are made on travelling, holidaying and hotel reservations. In January there is a clear plan for everything. I repeat in January there is a Clear plan for everything. Mind you, January does not think only about herself, she thinks about the whole year.


1.No holiday spamming in January

Also, January is the best structured month of the year because there is no holiday spamming. Contrary to some months of the year( I have not mentioned any names) that pin any day at all within any week as a holiday, January is well-mannered. If all the months where children of mother Year, January will rightly so be the dignified first born who is an inspiration to her younger siblings. Yet still, all holidays begin with January 1st(New Year’s day), do not forget that. Holidays are important and for the months that do not have any at all…….


3.January is the month of Plenty

You heard right! January is the month of plenty. You are already fat and bulged up from all that Christmas eating. But you have spent a large chunk of your pay too, if not everything, during the holidays too. What is left for you to do? Saving! Wait, don’t scream. I mean it. At some point, you will have to lose weight. Why not lose it now by putting the little money away for the benefit of the whole year. Yes! I see the businessman in you rising. I tell you it is the month of plenty. After all, from when you were paid in December to pay-day in January is like crossing the Sahara desert on foot. Why not take advantage to make some investments and save a bit.



4.January represent a return to normalcy

In January, reality becomes apparent. All those living in illusioned castles come back to to the real world. Airlines rush to the banks. Hotels finally have their rooms back. They tidy up and start counting all the money accrued from the holidays.The banks themselves are busy validating fund transfers and currency exchanges. If you were ever made to believe that January is a money-stiff month, you believed a lie. Think about all the sales made in December. Do the cash-ins not come in January? For all the money you spent on those unforgettable nights in the 5-star hotels and beach resorts in Ghana, the buffet dinner and the concerts and live performances as an individual, your company probably recorded it as a profit. In the long run, part of that comes back into your pocket.


5.January is the month of Surprises

It is only in January that the dry meets the wet in Ghana. In January while harmattan is at its peak, rains set in also. In January, every four years in Ghana, a change of government can mean a change of destiny for your friends and your enemies. And to crown it all, do not forget that your pay increase that was approved two months ago, is sanctioned for the first month of 2017. That’s January, in case it skipped you. Did I hear say,’WOW’?


It is January I am talking about.

Credit: Kofi Baiden, Jumia Travel

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