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Today is Kiss A Ginger Day so make sure you show them some love

Today is a day to celebrate all of the wonderful redheads out there in the world.

January 12 marks the 11th International Kiss A Ginger Day, which was first set up in 2009 by Derek Forgie.

The occasion was established on Facebook as a response to a rather aggressive event known as Kick A Ginger Day.

Thankfully, Kick A Ginger Day was rightfully prohibited in America back in 2016, while Kiss A Ginger Day only continues to grow in popularity.

The hashtag #KissAGingerDay has been trending on social media all morning, with many people sharing photos of their favorite flame-haired people and encouraging their followers to show some love.

“Today is Kiss A Ginger Day, give a sweet smooch to that fabulous ginger in your life,” wrote one person.

Another shared a photo of her and her boyfriend, saying: “Every day is Kiss A Ginger Day for me.”

“Happy #KissAGingerDay , redheads! Remember to always ask for permission. Enjoy the day,” added someone else.

Others chose to mark the occasion in a very different way, instead posting pictures of their ginger pets.

Despite all this, it seems redheads don’t really need their own day to nab a kiss.

That’s because research from 2018 found that ginger men, like Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran have had a big impact on the sex lives of ginger Brits.

The study found that one in five young redheads admitted they have enjoyed more female attention since the Shape of You singer shot to fame

A spokeswoman for  casumo.com,  which commissioned the study, said: “It’s unsurprising redheads attract more attention than in previous years.

“Donning fiery red locks is popular among both male and female celebs with stars like  Emma Stone  and  Isla Fisher  leading the way for women.

“When it comes to gingers, the brighter the better.”

Researchers also sent out a poll to determine who the most attractive gingers were.

Unsurprisingly Prince Harry came out on top, followed by  Ewan McGregor  and Damien Lewis.


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