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Are all the good guys already taken?

But is it really true that all the good guys are already taken? Quite a number of single girls we spoke to believed it was indeed, a fact. Can you imagine for instance that there are some girls who are not necessarily supermodels or very pretty but have a “natural” ability to attract irresistible men? Men are always asking such girls out and working hard for their attention so they have it easy keeping attention from guys, one said.

So if it’s not about their “looks” or “brains” or even physical attraction, what’s it about them that leaves many quite presentable girls single?

It is for this reason that many girls in this situation wrongly believe that all the good men are already taken.

Why people think all good men are already taken

Some girls say that most men who already have partners are good. They claim that if a man has a partner then he’s been screened by another woman and has passed the test to be caring and the one to be with so it would be wonderful being with such a guy, another said.

Others say they simply enjoy competition and since they are not yet ready to settle down they find pleasure in winning such a ‘contest’. “It simply gives me joy to be the other woman who succeeded in taking the guy from the first girl. After all, she only happened to have met the guy before me so if they are not yet married I don’t see why I can’t also try to win his attention,” 24-year-old Adjoa said.

Some ladies say they would be up for the chase because such guys are more dependable than single men.

The truth is that there is no shortage of qualified, decent, worthwhile and eligible partners out there. They are not, however, likely to come knocking on your door without an invitation.

The problem is that some girls set standards which require their mates to be perfect. But you know nobody is that perfect— remember you are also not perfect.

But whoever you are there are people with whom it is possible to create true, lasting and loving partnerships. What it takes is:

  • The willingness to risk dating and wait to do so at the right time.
    The intention to become the partner of your dreams, rather than just trying to find him or her.
    The commitment to make things work without getting discouraged when things don’t go too well initially.
    The ability to be selective about who you talk and listen to, especially picking someone you share same values with and pay less attention to your nay-saying friends.
    A commitment to do your own work to become a more loving, truthful, and trustworthy person.
    The patience, trust and faith that make it possible to watch things carefully and enjoy the ride between now and the time that you get to invalidate this belief!

Source|Graphic Online

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