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The woman famous for huge painted-on eyebrows shares jaw-dropping snap without them

An ‘Instagram star’ with huge painted-on eyebrows has left fans shocked after sharing a natural picture of herself.

Anzhelika Protodyakonova, who has 106,000 followers, looks almost unrecognizable without her distinctive brows.

She shot to fame after a fellow passenger snapped a picture of her on the bus and shared it online, with the post going viral.

However, the attention only spurred the young influencer on, prompting her to paint even bigger eyebrows on her forehead.

Anzhelika, from Yakutsk, Russia, makes a living through advertising as Russian brands are desperate for her to promote their products.

You’d think Anzhelika’s giant eyebrows would mean she gets spotted all the time in the street.

But when the influencer hasn’t got them drawn on, she blends in with the crowd, the Daily Star reports.

Her natural eyebrows look a lot more normal than you may expect.

In one snap, the bare-faced Instagram ‘star’ toned down her eyebrows and let her bright red hair do the talking.

Her arches are a much lighter shade than the Angry-bird ones she usually sports.

There are also noticeably sparser, which isn’t surprising given how thickly they’re usually drawn on.

Her story comes after a Brit slammed a beauty salon for giving her the ‘world’s st eyebrows’.

Melissa Ryan claims she was pressured into getting her brows laminated by a member of staff who ‘wasn’t fully qualified’ – both of which the salon denies – after she had a lip filler treatment.

She blasted the company, saying ‘she could have done a better job blindfolded’.

The owner of the parlour has hit back claiming she offered to thin her brows after the treatment, Kent Live reports, adding that she had been subjected to social media abuse following the complaint.

The 21-year-old posted a description of her experience and a picture of her eyebrows on Facebook , with more than 1,000 people sharing her status.


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