The Secret, Weak Killer: IMF

What sense does it make that African Leaders sell their people as slaves voluntarily to the White Man and the people do not raise up against their terrible faith?

What sense does it make that African Leaders sell their people as slaves voluntarily to the White Man and the people do not raise up against their terrible faith?

Last Thursday Ghana has accepted USD 960 Mio. in loan from IMF which will be used to cover debts the Government has inside the country to pay workers, contractors and alike without bringing the country one step forward. The loan comes with certain conditions, one is interest rates.

It will be proven along the line that Ghana will not be able to pay back their obligations and increased debts caused by the enormes interest rates of this IMF loan. The consequence will be to go out on the international financial market once again and borrow money to pay back this loan including its interests. The debt cycle carries on to greater hights and nobody in Ghana really cares that future generations will be burdened with the lack of responsible leadership during their life-time.

Germany has written in its constitution a balanced State Budget and will reach the set target as scheduled in 2015 making it the first country in the world to achive that tax and other state revenues are the same like its expenditeurs, including repayment of bonds from the private sector and lended money to foreign countries like Greece. Germany’s economy is still strong besides calls to the state authorities to invest more and stimulate private consumption to increase the GDP.

Every private household and private company knows noone can excist for long when needing to beg for money each and everytime.

The Bible is teaching us someone that is a borrower is the slave to the lender. Ghana and Africa at large are life-long slaves in that respect.

IMF, Worldbank, banks in China etc. are too willing to give loans to developing countries in Africa like Ghana charging high interest rates knowing someone in the international market system will borrow again money for Ghana to be able to pay back their loan. Ghana is not winning anything but time before the final crash as the world has seen in 2008, when the financial markets collapsed; this will be the obvious consequence.

Every Ghanaian President knows after 8 years his time in office is over and with that pushes the blame game into the hands of his successor. The carelessness of Mr John Dramani Mahama is evident and the good people of Ghana stand actionless before their dark future.

Warren Buffet shifted his shares from Exxon Oil to John Deere by end of 2014 knowing Oil is not the future but Agriculture. Apple is investing Billions into Car Batteries and Electric Cars. Japan last week has taken the step to form a united force of various companies to develop selfdriven cars like Mercedes-Benz S-Class leading to better road safety and fuel efficiency. All these steps and initiatives to use alternatives to oil needing appliences and power stations is contributing to the low oil price which will be low for a long time with the tendency to even decrease more compared to its current level.

It is more and more state of the art thinking humans cannot take all oil and other fossel fuels from mother earth as it would fan the climate change problems into greater and unrepairable hights.

In this light it will be even more difficult for Ghana and other African countries to pay back their debts and interest rates.

Last week in the media Flaggstaff House was voted the second most corrupt institution in Ghana, the place IMF contract was signed. It will not come as a surprise to Ghanaians when certain Officials inside the President’s Office with open hands and wide pockets have welcomed the IMF loan to increase the size of their pott-bellies to make them burst.

The life of the Ghanaians is in the hands of the Ghanaians, why should White People care ? We are all humans, hopefully Believers, and need to see each other as brothers and sisters in Christ having the godly given responsibility to point boldly out the mistakes our African neighbours are venturing into and make them stop from falling over the cliffs and into our hands again. When punishment is not stopping a Nation from its downfall, the right measures and ways forward need to be dictated to them.

Dictated by whom, someone might ask while the answer is very obvious: by the strongest possible, by the owner of Africa. History is never repeating itself, but it is always coming back in different forms.

Author: Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde, Sakumono Estate, Block D 10, No. 9, Tema West, Ghana,phone +233 (0) 265078287, karlheinzheerde@yahoo.de, 03.03.2015


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