Simpa Panyin is not happy. I wish I was allowed the opportunity to write about the concert that happened at the Electoral Commission, and why none of those bringing the commission to its knees must be spared. What is happening at the Electoral Commission is a festival of lawlessness. The Chairperson for the Electoral Commission, Charlotte Osei, accuses her deputies of fraud. Charlotte Osei is, in turn, accused of corruption by her deputies, setting the stage for the Electoral Commission to be turned into a shithole.

The Trump administration has stated it may deport 800,000 Dreamers, young immigrants brought to America by their parents, unless Congress eliminates most family immigrant categories and reduces legal immigration. White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short said Donald Trump insists on changes to “chain migration” or Dreamers will not be protected. The implications of this demand are poorly understood.

After years of looking for one, now enters the corruption demolition man. He has his work cut out for him and he must be relishing it. I don't think he could have found a more job satisfying position than that. He is qualified for it; he knows it and has wished for it much of his life. And so now that he virtually has it (pending parliamentary approval) it must be to him: 'Thank you, Father' in the typical Ghanaian expression of satisfaction.

A long-standing French protectorate briefly occupied by Japan during World War II, Cambodia became independent in 1953 as the French finally withdrew from Indochina. Under the leadership of Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodia remained officially neutral, including during the subsequent US war on Indochina. However, by the mid-1960s, parts of the eastern provinces of Cambodia were bases for North Vietnamese Army and National Liberation Front (NVA/NLF) forces operating against South Vietnam and this resulted in nearly a decade of bombing by the United States from 4 October 1965. See Bombs Over Cambodia: New Light on US Air War’.

I write to you my African leaders from the western part of the continent my beloved country Ghana. My leaders on Thursdays 11th January 2018, I read from Washington post in shock and pain that President Trump called us shithole "The president lashed out in a meeting after lawmakers proposed restoring protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to people briefed on the meeting."

Of course, to persistently write and highlight the injustices in the country, which some observers would bizarrely perceive as a trivial issue, is to be regarded as a political extremist, who is seeking to cause disaffection, but we must be true to the faith, uphold and defend the good name of our beloved Ghana.

Trump’s campaign chief and top White House aide has been left politically homeless.Just a few months ago, Steve Bannon was warning “establishment” Republicans that a “day of reckoning” was at hand. As it turns out, he was right. Bannon, President Donald Trump’s initial top aide and self-described architect of his improbable victory, has fallen faster than might have seemed possible – from “The Great Manipulator” on the cover of Time magazine to the owner of a new, derisive Trump nickname in less than a year.

We don’t have the kind of hollow luxury that precipitated the naming of former President John Dramani Mahama, according to Multimedia Group’s, as the Most Influential Ghanaian of 2017 (1/1/18). A polling sampling of 3,610 voters is rather statistically tenuous and cannot be reckoned to be significant for even the just over 2 million residents of the nation’s capital of Accra.

It is said that health is wealth. Before the advent of Europeans in Africa, we lived in harmony with Mother Nature and grew food using organic agricultural methods. It made it possible for us to avoid many of the illnesses then plaguing Western societies. Sadly, over the decades since our nation gained its independence from the British occupiers of our country in 1957, we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars importing synthetic agricultural inputs - including carcinogenic pesticides banned elsewhere - in an effort to boost agricultural production.

The 2016 political seasonof Ghana cannot be mentioned without the raucous sobriquet for erstwhile President John Dramani Mahama (JDM); incompetent leader. The protracted erratic electric power supply, youth unemployment and arrogance of power which characterized JDM’s administration compelled many well-meaning Ghanaians to conclude that they were under ineptocracy [A system of government by incompetent leaders].

Adolescents and young people are entitled to decent livelihoods, however, girls unlike their male counterparts, face unequal risks and distinctive consequences related to the vulnerabilities they experience. Young girls, compared to their male counterparts are also more likely to drop out of school, to marry at an early age, and to bear the consequences of poor sexual and reproductive health outcomes.

Psychological counselling and treatment services are the one area of healthcare that the Akufo-Addo Administration stands to gain a lot of credit, if this area of health practice is officially codified and formally institutionalized, as recently advised by Health Minister Kwaku Agyeman Manu, in a speech that was reportedly read on his behalf during the maiden induction ceremony for licensed professional and paraprofessional psychologists and other allied practitioners (See “Provide License[s] to Qualified Practitioners, Ghana Psychology Council Urged” Ghana News Agency / 12/5/17).

I don't know whether to laugh or cry; I don't know whether to laugh out of sheer disbelief or cry out of sheer anger and frustration. I dont know if words will ever be enough to start the dialogue around the issue of rape in Ghana and for that dialogue to bring about any meaningful solution. Once again I'm confronted with this evil, and as much as I would like people to try and figure it out for themselves, I know that its far too optimistic a wish to ever come to fruition.

There's nothing excruciating as having exerted so much energy and time into something you were very much convinced about, and spent days, weeks or even months to settle on it, and actually put into action, only to find out in the end that you had the wrong target, and that you have misfired.

I like roos because they use their tail as an extra leg to walk or when walking. Five legs are better than four legs for kangaroos. Isn’t that intriguing? That’s kangaroos’ trademark or character trait. It could be interpreted as precaution or being extra careful. Humans take precaution too but not always. Sometimes we restrain the killer punch to save a troubled soul. At other times, we sit back and watch like a cat, we blink or wink. And at times we kill it off to avoid future mishaps.

At the time when women around the world has launched a campaign, the #MeToo movement to end sexual abuse and harassment in workplaces, its despicable to learn that 7 boys in Ghana has gang raped a girl and circulating the video on social media for the world to see. Of course this is not first time a girl has been abused in Ghana.

There is nothing but a smile and delight to watch the promotional presentation by the white American girl now popular on Ghanaian media called Yaa Broni. One loves the way she speaks the local Twi language. This may remind some of us seniors of Kwame Nkrumah's message of "Work and Happiness", enticing educated folks to return to farming! Brilliant idea! but it never worked! Without financial support there is no way educated folks are going back to the farms to weed with cutlasses!

Article 44 (2) of the Constitution 1992, states that the Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC) shall have the same terms and conditions of service as a Justice of the Court of Appeal. As a result of the above provision, the removal of the Chairperson of the EC, must follow the procedure laid down for the removal of a Justice of the Court of Appeal as provided under Article 146 of the Constitution 1992.

The thinking and policy of the present administration to move this country beyond aid is one that is cherished by stakeholders in the area of development and economic transformation. This initiative if properly executed will help the country and its citizens move from the cob-web of aid without considerable impact that happen frequently. The policy direction to arrive at such a destination should be strict and must necessarily be adhered to if the goals set in such an object must be achieved.

It is clear that America is in decline. It has lost influence in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In a survey of 37 countries earlier this year, only 22% of respondents expressed confidence in President Trump. A staggering 67% in the same survey expressed confidence in ex-president Obama. In Russia and China, Putin and Xi Jinping appear to be at the height of their powers. America has withdrawn from the Climate deal and appears marginalized in the Middle East.

Politics is like finding cure for cancer. It is not luxury. It is a human need that is why no one should use this need for his or her selfish interest. There is something wrong when the people you are serving are dying of this need. Service is the rent we pay to be living. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time. I am always guided by this personal philosophy, which goes like this “the future you picture is the future you will feature, the ‘YOU’ you see is the ‘YOU’ you will become.

In his remarks on the recent International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – see Violence Against Women is Fundamentally About Power’ – United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres inadvertantly demonstrated why well-meaning efforts being undertaken globally to reduce violence against women fail to make any progress in addressing this pervasive crisis.

An expected announcement by President Donald Trump that the US will become the first country to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital has been dubbed a "kiss of death" for the Middle East peace process by the Palestinians.But an Israeli minister urged other countries to follow the US lead.

Dear Ebony,

Our wise elders once said the rat which makes its abode by the popular village path is either extremely courageous or a speedster. In the same way, it takes more than courage for a married man to openly write a love letter to another woman. That man is either a daredevil or his foolhardiness is matchless. I want you to take this letter seriously because I have had to risk other factors in order to write to you.

Are we turning into a French-speaking planet? That was the surprising possibility raised by president Emmanuel Macron on a recent visit to Burkina Faso. “French will be the first language of Africa,” he said, plausibly, before adding, “perhaps the world.” Ah, oui? C’est vrai?

Several years ago in Cameroon, a country in West Africa, a Western Black Rhinoceros was killed. It was the last of its kind on Earth. Hence, the Western Black Rhinoceros, the largest subspecies of rhinoceros which had lived for millions of years and was the second largest land mammal on Earth, no longer exists.

His own cousin, Ms. OtikoAfisaDjaba, the current Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, said it best when she noted, during her very contentious parliamentary confirmation hearings, among other things, that Mr. John Dramani Mahama was damn too wicked and narcissistic to have any care for anybody besides himself and, perhaps, the members of his own immediate family.

Address delivered at the Danquah Institute’s Symposium on Women Empowerment and National Development held at the Centre for African Wetlands Auditorium, University of Ghana on 27/11/17. I am privileged to get the opportunity to lead a team to organize this symposium and also welcome the gathering. I am deeply thankful to the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Prof. Mike Oquaye for accepting to chair this program.

I have been enjoying the discourse of the President's interview about homosexuality on various radio stations and social media platforms but one thing is clear; Ghanaians are very unpredictable! If you ask my opinion, below is it......
First of all I may step on many toes with my opinion but that's actually the outpouring of my clear conscience and moral values.

I will begin this write up with the first two lines of William Shakespeare’s sonnet 66. “Tired with all these, for restful death I cry” [the poet was almost invariably exhausted to deal with social evil hinging on him]. “As to behold desert a beggar born” [an important person born into poverty: interwoven social evil]. The foregoing lines mirror a soliloquy (self-talking) in Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet: “To be, or not to be, that is the question.” Are we not always shocked by the death of an enterprising young man?

In Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power, a story is told of the kites and ravens who were together searching for food. They chanced upon a wounded lion by a hunter's bullet. The two families saw the lion is about to die, so they decided to wait for its death, so they will share its meat. The ravens said they will choose the head of the lion. And the kites chose that of the belly and the legs. The lion heard the decision of the birds, and with the last strength in its body, the lion opened its mouth and said to the kites: "all that while, I'd thought you kites are wiser than the ravens.

By the time this commentary hits the newsstand, the seismic change taking place in Zimbabwe would have reached a critical notch with the forceful exit of Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The man who straddled this Southern African nation like a colossus should have by now shifted from the denial mode to the acceptance one allowing history to record the end of an interesting, if you like, dramatic dictator.

President Robert Mugabe famously declared that he would cling to power in Zimbabwe "until God says 'Come'". And at the age of 93, he might have expected that hour to arrive before a human intervention. Nonetheless, following the military takeover, the leader of 37 years' standing must now barter himself a future.

In a recent incident in the United States, yet another unarmed man was shot dead by police after opening his front door in response to their knock. The police were going to serve an arrest warrant on a domestic violence suspect – the man’s neighbour – but went to the wrong address. See ‘Police kill innocent man while serving warrant at wrong address’.

With all the documentation of Russian collusion piling up, President Trump's best excuse may be that his people were too incompetent to organize a conspiracy. Luckily for him, an innocent-­by-reason-of-stupidity defense has the virtue of being plausible.

..And is Prez Mahama the Real Deal? Ghana’s largest opposition party the National Democratic Congress (NDC0 has started kicking the can down the road. Former president John Mahama who was made a one-term president ---the first in the fourth republic appears to be under pressure to re-run for the next presidential election in2020. His predecessors John Rawlings and John Kufuor were both elected for a two-4-year term. With exception of John Mills who died in 2012 while serving.

It has been interesting to observe the way events have unfolded since Nivea’s ‘visibly fairer skin’ campaign. It does not often happen that brand or marketing related issues gain space in national discourse. For those in need of a background let me give you the low-down.

I am Ghanaian and a Fulani. I needn't mention my ethnic group because the 1992 Constitution which we subscribe to in this land does not attribute citizenship to ethnicity. However, in recent times, the word Fulani has been used as a synonym for various types of crimes. News headlines are awash with stories about crimes attributed to Fulanis. I see this as ethnic profiling, hatred and scorn.

I have known for nearly a decade now, that the country was in dire shortage of police personnel, among other law-enforcement agencies, because a couple of times while he was a presidential candidate, I heard Nana Akufo-Addo speak about the need to significantly increase the number of police men and women on our streets, throughout the country, to meet the optimum requirement recommended by the United Nations (UN) to ensure the provision of adequate security in the country.

Valerie! Valerie!! Valerie!!! And I called you thrice, too! I am disgusted just discussing you! We were raised to understand that running women down was bad, but I will make an exception because you accepted to be stretching your legs like many suspected you did during the erstwhile administration of shame in which you served as a dishonourable deputy Chief of Staff. I am not bemused at all about the collapse of our nation.

This question doesn't lend itself to an easy answer as there are several dimensions to it. It’s not often theology and economics collide into such an element of complexity. The objective of this short piece, therefore, is simply to argue that if we are to develop as a nation, we need to have a serious debate on the impact of our numerous churches in perpetuating the cycle of poverty among our people.

I just became privy to a story of a well-known Ghanaian man who was convicted and sentenced to prison for the crime of sexual assault on the London Underground four years ago. I'm gobsmacked at the level of wanton ignorance at the seriousness of his crime and how nearly every comment under the article tried to justify his actions of rubbing himself up against this 28 year old woman, blocking her from moving as he had his arm around her and then performing a sex act on himself as the icing on the cake.

Last year there was a report of occult practice and initiation in one of our most prestigious senior girls high schools in Ghana. This should not be surprising because such practices have always been with us; only it is increasing at an alarming rate in all areas of the Ghanaian life; in schools, churches, football, business, marriage, family life and relationships.

Around the world activists who are strategic thinkers face a daunting challenge to effectively tackle the multitude of violent conflicts, including the threat of human extinction, confronting human society in the early 21st century. I wrote that ‘activists who are strategic thinkers face a daunting challenge’ because there is no point deluding ourselves that the insane global elite..

All women have stories. We’re just not sure what to do with them. The first time it happened, we were sitting side by side in makeup chairs, getting ready to go on his show on a major cable news network. I was new to television news and nervous about the segment. He was ― is ― a famous broadcast journalist.

Donald Trump has a particular taste for the degradation of racial, ethnic and religious minorities and women — and God forbid those identities should overlap — as a way of playing out his personal sense of racial, sexist, and patriarchal entitlement. And as he degrades, he plays to those very same entitlements in the base that elected him.

She called me one day to tell me that anytime she sees me, she wonders whether I don’t know the true colors of men. She said I am young so I don’t know how wicked men are. When she sees me going up and down, she laughs… I have a problem with generalizations, I am not married to your husband I am married to my husband. I decided to ignore her uncalled for tips about men. I told myself that when you see someone who is happy in his or her marriage, you know it.

Observing the trend of event at the National Democratic Congress as an outsider with keen interest in the competitiveness of the two major parties in the country, I am very much worried about what the future holds for this party. Regardless of which political party you support, we need NDC and NPP to serve as a check on each other and improve governance.

This is the Second Episode of the Marriage Journals and it is continued from A Glimpse of Kingdom Marriage . Over the years we have met a number of couples struggling in their marriages. In almost all situations we saw a common trend. There are three or four very important things there were not functioning properly or even totally missing in their marriages. Surprisingly these few simple things if included will get rid of more than 80% of marriage difficulties.

High-level corruption is the single biggest impediment to the transformation of our homeland Ghana into an African equivalent of the prosperous and egalitarian societies of Scandinavia. It will take extraordinary courage and leadership - of the kind that puts political leaders into the Pantheon of humankind's all-time greatest leaders - on the part of President Akufo-Addo, and creative-thinking by the more responsible sections of the Ghanaian media, to finally root out the high-level corruption that is slowly bleeding Mother Ghana to death.

The girl-child in Ghana, as she is in other African countries, is still challenged by an assortment of stereotypes. The setting aside of a day to highlight her challenges with a view to reversing these, as took place last week, could not have come at a better time.

Why do we fear today above all other Fridays? On any other Friday, we hear the gleeful exclamation of "TGIF." The work week is almost over, and playtime is about to begin. But when Friday the 13th arrives, many of us respond quite differently. Travel arrangements are canceled, and doctor appointments are rescheduled. Risky endeavors of all kinds are put off in an effort to avoid tempting fate. Modern Homo sapiens are remarkably sophisticated creatures, capable of writing symphonies, solving the Poincare Conjecture and inventing Nutella, yet we carry around a number of fears that seem to be more characteristic of our ancient past.

In Las Vegas on 1 October 2017, it appears that one man (although it might have been more) killed 59 people and shot and injured another 241 (with almost 300 more injured while fleeing). The incident got a lot of publicity, partly because the man managed to kill more people than most mass killers. However, because the killer was a white American and had a Christian name, he was not immediately labeled a terrorist, even though his death toll considerably exceeded that achieved in many ‘terrorist attacks’, including those that occur in war zones (such as US drone murders of innocent people attending weddings).

Viewers of Saturday Night Live noticed something missing this weekend. NBC's late night sketch show sets out to skewer the cultural zeitgeist. And what showbiz story captured the cultural zeitgeist this week better than the tale of Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood titan who has (finally) been accused in print of decades of sexual harassment?