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Police in Oregon said a man who arranged a rendezvous on dating app Tinder was left naked without his wallet and cellphone in a motel room.

Springfield Police Sgt. Rich Charboneau said the man, a Mapleton resident, exchanged messages with a female Tinder user for months before they arranged to meet at the Village Inn in Springfield early Tuesday.

The man said the woman, who used the name Lacey on the dating app, suggested he leave the door to his room unlocked while he showered so she could come in and join him.

Charboneau said the man instead found that when he got out of the shower, his clothes, wallet, and iPhone 7 had been taken.

The wallet contained his debit card, police said.

"He's never seen her, he doesn't know who this is- we don't know either. We have some leads we're following up, but obviously we're telling people that if you're going to meet people, via that app, then I'd recommend meeting them someplace in public during the daylight hours," Charboneau told KVAL-TV.

Police said the woman deleted her Tinder profile after the theft.


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