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Tattoo addict model, 24, shares jaw-dropping photo of how she looked before inkings

Australian model Amber Luke has spent more than £20,000 on over 100 tattoos and piercings, as well as changing her eye colour. She boasts thousands of followers who adore her body art

Amber Luke, who has spent more than £20,000 on her tattoos, has posted images when her skin was clear, before she began the inkwork.

The Australian model, who is known for her striking looks, boasts 80,200 followers on Instagram.

The 24-year-old’s most stand-out features include blackout tattoos on her arms and bold calligraphy on her face.

She also has jaw-dropping characteristics include dermal piercings and eyes that have been inked a bright shade of blue.

But Amber’s latest pictures show she hasn’t always been interested in alternative fashion, the Daily Star reports.

On Instagram, she shared a snap of what she used to look like in her teenage years.

In the throwback image, she posed in a baby blue prom dress.

With her delicate nails and sparkly silver jewellery, her long blonde locks are strikingly different to the blue hairdo she’s rocking at the moment.

Amber first started her tattoo addiction aged 14, when she was battling depression.

Since then, she’s been tattooed more than 100 times.

The model has braved body modification procedures too – from eyeball inkings to a painful tongue-splitting procedure.

Previously, Amber revealed that her obsession has been difficult at times.

She captioned the image: “The first photograph was taken in 2015 when I hardly had any tattoos… or t**s lol.

“The second one was taken recently, 2019.

“Four years of agonising pain and sending my body into shock.

“Four years of pushing past waves of anxiety when getting tattooed, four heavy years of testing my mentality.”


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