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Take interest in nation building — NCCE

The Asuogyaman District Programme Officer of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Mr Prosper Swanzy, has urged Ghanaians to take interest in nation building, cohesion and peaceful coexistence.

He said Ghanaians must also pay attention to the core values and principles in the country’s democratic development.

He was speaking at the district launch of the 2021 NCCE National Constitution Week last Wednesday.

The celebration, which was instituted in 2001, is to ensure that the Constitution becomes a living document embossed on the minds and hearts of Ghanaians in pursuit of democracy and good governance.

Common destiny

Mr Swanzy urged Ghanaians, irrespective of their ethnic, religious and educational background, to live as one people with a common destiny.

He said Ghana was on a historic journey to establish a framework of government to secure for posterity the blessing of liberty, equality of opportunity and prosperity for all Ghanaians.

“We Ghanaians have solemnly declared our commitment to freedom, justice, preservation of fundamental rights and freedoms as well as the unity and stability of our nation.

“This framework of government came into force on January 7, 1993, as the 1992 Constitution of Ghana. Years on our practice of democratic governance has survived,” Mr Swanzy stated.

April 28

Mr Swanzy explained that April 28 was adopted as the commencement date for the activities because that was the day a national referendum was held to endorse the Constitution in 1992.

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