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Head coach of the Black Stars, Jame Kwesi Appiah has given the clearest indication that he will show any member of his technical team the exit door if they take a bribe from agents and have insisted that he has not taken a bribe before handing a call-up to any player in his coaching career.

There have been several reportage which suggests that various national football team coaches take bribe before giving opportunities to players to represent the nation.

When quizzed if he had taken a bribe from any player before in his career during an interview with Accra based Happy FM, the former Al Khartoum and Asante Kotoko manager pointed out that he will never tone that line and warned his technical staff he will relieve whoever does that from his duties in the team.

"You can't even try it because I'm rich in my own way. When they say somebody is rich, it does not mean you have money to look after the whole Ghana but you're called a rich man because you have your peace of mind. You can have whatever you want at any given time without nobody's help, that's how you are considered rich," Appiah said.

"If I have let's say GHC 1,000 and I know that's enough to take care, my family, I'm content with it so why should I try to seek for more from people, but it's like people know my character so they don't approach me with such talks."

"If you have a player and maybe he's good, but because of trying to induce me to call him will even make me lose interest in the player. Because I believe if the player is good you don't need to pay any bribe before he can earn a call-up."

He continued, "People may have the thinking that they can go and talk to my assistants in regards to giving their clients call-ups, but I always tell my assistants that if any of them allow himself to be induced by an agent and I hear about it, I'll have no option than to sack you that very day because if you allow yourself to be used by players agents before handing him a call-up, what control would you have over the player? The agent will not respect you as a coach likewise the player. Once you do that, the player will tell his other colleagues, and automatically you'll lose your respect, so I don't condone that kind of behaviour."

"It's my hope that none of my technical team will ever try to do that because once I'll sack whoever does that from my team," Appiah deduced.


By Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah| Modernghana

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