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The Baby Jet is certainly becoming a grown-up jet of which he needs to heed to the natural call of rest especially at the international level in order to concentrate on his club career considering his persistent injuries.

Great players around the World have taken this decision but are still idolized in their countries considering how gallantly they have served and led the nations on the international front.

Gyan’s recurrent injury concerns in past recent years have certainly hindered the progress of the Black Stars, especially in major competition as he is forced to take all sort of medications to feature in matches which has largely resulted into his persistent injuries off-late.

You can talk of great players who had worn the Captain’s armband of the senior national team, from the likes of Edward ‘Naabanyin’ Jonah Aggrey-Fynn, Kwesi Appiah, Kwasi Owusu,, Isaac Eshun, Stephen Appiah, John Mensah just to mention a few, as they have left a resounding impression of that position considering their exploits during their reign.

Asamoah Gyan, on the other hand, is one of the longest-serving stalwarts in the Black Stars spanning over a decade, and he’s widely considered as one of the greatest leaders in his generation as he took the Black Stars to the next level during his reign as the Captain of the Black Stars.

Gyan led the Black Stars gallantly on the international stage which aided create a superb image for Ghana which has created some tangible and intangible benefits for Ghana.

The likes of Aggrey-Fynn have led the Black Stars to conquer Africa in the early 1960’s as well the Kwasi Owusu who led the Black Stars in the Olympic Games and on the continent of Africa.

Gyan’s quality as a player is undoubtedly one of the best to surface from Ghana having achieved remarkable personal milestone his international career.

Currently, he is the leading the scorer of the senior national team with 51 goals and has aided the Black Stars to chop numerous success on the World Stage as well as in Africa.

Gyan reign as the Black Stars Captain has been marred by numerous controversies that have largely hindered the progress of the team since he took the mantle from John Mensah back in 2013.

Nonetheless, Gyan has served the country very well and has certainly established himself as one of the legends considering his illustrious football career and would need to hang his boots at the international level to focus on club football for he shall forever be remembered in the annals of Ghana’s football.


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