Snapchat now lets you turn your face into an animated sticker

If you’ve ever wished for yet another way to put your face all over your Snapchat selfies, you’re in luck. The app is launching Cameos Stickers, a new feature that lets you decorate your snaps with animated stickers of your face.

Snapchat introduced the original version of Cameos in December. One of the app’s sillier features, Cameos has been described as a “friendlier deepfake” because it allows users to insert their face directly into animated GIFs.

Now, Snap is expanding the feature. Instead of GIFs that can only be shared within chats, you can add your face to animated stickers that can go directly in your snaps. There are already a couple hundred stickers to choose from but, like Bitmoji, the company plans to add more each week.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and at best the feature is a more realistic alternative to Bitmoji. At worst, it’s a little unnerving to see your disembodied face on a dancing sloth or, well, whatever this is.

Still, if your standard Bitmoji are starting to feel a bit stale Cameos seem like a reliable way to liven them up. Sadly, Cameos is only compatible with human faces, and my many attempts to turn my cat’s face into a cameo sticker were unsuccessful, though I did get one adorably awkward cat selfie out of it.

Snap confirmed that there isn’t a cat-friendly version of Cameos at the moment, though I’ll probably keep trying.



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