Shatta Wale threatens to slap Aka Blay

Controversial dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has threatened to slap highlife musician Aka Blay for rebuking him in an interview.

Shatta Wale dared the famous guitarist to be bold to criticise him face-to-face instead of using indirect channels to talk about him.

Aka Blay, recently in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, said Shatta Wale is having a negative impact on the youth.

“With his large fan base, I don’t expect Shatta Wale to use certain words and engage in indecent acts. I know he has the largest fan base in Ghana at the moment but what impact is he making on them?

“The youth are engaged in all sorts of bad activities because they see him as their role model and blindly copy what he does,” he said.

Aka Blay

To Aka Blay, because Shatta Wale has a lot of influence on the youth, he can push them to use their energies and time positively.

“I expect a lot from him as the leader he claims to be because the youths are going wayward and I will blame it largely on him,” he said.

Shatt Wale, however, did not take those criticisms kindly. He warned that the musician will usually taste his wrath if they meet.

Reacting to the comments in a tweet, the ‘My Level’ hitmaker threatened that, “I wish certain things GH artiste deh talk they can say it in my face ….Like the slap dem go chop … poor industry with poor mentality …”

“Alka blay if I meet you and you don’t tell me wat u said.. U go see slaps and get that hype Aboaba jealous nigga ..,” he added.


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