Scrap E-levy entirely, we’ll not accept it in any form – Minority to government

The Minority caucus in parliament has indicated its strong resolve to reject the government’s proposed 1.75% E-levy in its entirety.

It said it will kick against the levy in any shape or form since it will inflict more hardship on Ghanaians.

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, while making a submission on the floor of parliament on Tuesday in reaction to the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta’s recent announcement of concessions on the 2022 budget, said the levy will among other things derail Ghana’s efforts to grow a digital economy.

“It is true that we engaged. We were part of the engagement, but at that engagement, regrettably and unfortunately, on the matter of e-levy we could not have agreement and consensus.”

“We believe that the e-levy is punitive, and will undermine our quest to grow a digital economy in seeking to tax transactions.”

Haruna Iddrisu said the minority agrees with most Ghanaians that the tax is against the public good and suggests that the government scraps it, and rather go after surcharges of the Auditor-General to compensate for the levy.

“We are guided by the public good, and we think that monies recoverable from the Auditor General’s report can as well compensate for the imposition of an e-levy… We, on this side [Minority], are unable to support the government in its quest to impose an e-levy at 1.75% on MoMo, and associated transactions including remittances and bank transfers, and therefore we stand opposed, and at every level, we will stand united and opposed to it because it will inflict hardship on the core poor of the Ghanaian people,” he added.

This is contrary to the Minority Leader’s personal position that he was amenable to a 1% levy instead of 1.75%.

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, on Monday told journalists that the government will continue with the engagements with stakeholders including the minority in parliament and telcos with the hope of achieving a consensus on the e-levy.



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