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Sam Korankye Ankrah declares red and blue as colours for 2020

General Overseer of the Royal House Chapel International, Reverend Sam Korankye Ankrah’s has instructed his congregants to be circumspect about their choice of colours for their milestone celebrations.

In his sermon to usher in the New Year, he revealed that two primary colours, blue and red will determine the atmosphere that will prevail in his congregant’s events.

He said they should use the two colours “For your major celebrations which are coming, weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthday, business anniversary celebrations, any celebration of any kind.”

Reverend Korankye Ankrah explained that blue stands for the glory of God while red stands for victory in the blood of Jesus.

“We are talking about all shades of blue and all shades of red”, he said Tuesday night. 

He advised that colours for weddings should be chosen in line with these colours or else the atmosphere will not be favorable.

“When you look at the building of the tabernacle and the temple, just as God was interested in the number 20, God was also very particular about the colours of the temple. The colours of the temple and the colour for 2020 are blue and red,” General Overseer stated.

He added that secondary colours such as purple which is made up of the mixture of the primary colours red and blue will be used by God as well.

Citing the story of Rehab in the Bible who was saved from death by hanging a red scarf on her window as instructed by Joshua, the Reverend Minister further explained the significance of the colour.

Korankye Ankrah serves as the first vice president of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC).


What if I don’t like these colors??……Ey3 kukrudu!

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