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Pizza craving leads man to $350,000 lottery jackpot

Never deny your cravings.

Jan. 29 (UPI) — A Wisconsin man said he has a pizza craving to thank for sparking the series of events that led to his winning a $350,000 jackpot.

Steven Allen of De Soto told Wisconsin Lottery officials his lucky day began with a hankering for a pie from his favorite pizzeria.

“I had a craving for Rocky Rococo’s pizza and decided to head there,” Allen said. “On the way, I stopped at Festival Foods. I didn’t do any shopping and instead went to the [lottery] machine to purchase scratch and lotto tickets.”

Allen chose a SuperCash! drawing ticket with quick pick numbers 17-18-20-26-27-31. He said he checked the numbers online after the Jan. 23 drawing.

“I saw 17, 18 and 20 and the numbers kept matching,” Allen said. “I was shocked I won and did a double-take. I checked the numbers again and again. It still hasn’t sunk in, even now, that I won. I couldn’t believe it.”

Allen, who retired in 2012, said the money arrived just in time.

“The money is a big relief to my family,” he said. “I won’t have to lean on them as much as I had.”

By Ben Hooper|UPI NEWS

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