NPP is a walking contraction’-Ofosu Ampofo

The National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has described the New Patriotic Party as a walking contradiction.

According to him, the NPP is only interested in propagating falsehood.

He said, while in opposition, the NPP promised the good people of Ghana they would abolish a number of taxes they described as nuisance taxes if voted into power but years on in government, the NPP is rather increasing taxes.

Touching on the mid-year budget review presented by the Finance Minister, Ofosu Ampofo, in an interview with Citi News on the sidelines at the commissioning of an Aluminium Factory established by Ebenezer Oklitey Tei Larbi, the MP for Lower Manya Krobo in Kpong, Mr Ofosu Ampofo chastised the NPP for deceiving Ghanaians.

“The NPP say one thing and do the opposite. When they were coming to power, they criticized the NDC saying that when they come to power they will scrap the ESLA levies but they are in and are rather doubling it. They criticized heavily Seth Terkper for saying that he was only collecting taxes and was not looking at the productive sector of the economy, and when they come they will reduce taxes. But now we are all seeing he taxes they have introduced”.

“Recently when Ex-president John Mahama went to say that when he comes back to power in 2021 he will scrap the luxury vehicle tax, the NPP said they are a listening government and have scrapped it. The NPP say they won’t do this and end up doing the exact thing. That’s why I am saying they are a walking contradiction”.

Mr Ofosu Ampofo said the government was burdening Ghanaians who were already struggling with unemployment.

People are going through a lot of challenges. The youth have no work to do and they are crying for jobs. You are not providing them with the jobs, and the little things they are doing too to take care of themselves, you are putting extra taxes on top. You have increased talk tax and are making life very unbearable for the people”.

Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampofo added, ” When NPP was coming to power they indicated that fuel prices are very high and when they come they will reduce it. When they took over, a gallon of petrol was selling at GHC 14 but today it is hovering around GHC 24 and have given an indication that they are going to increase it again. That is why I say they are a walking contradiction”

|Citi Newsroom


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