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Nitiwul threatens to sue lady claiming he’s extorting GHS100 from NaBCo beneficiaries for his 2020 campaign

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bimbilla, Mr Dominic Nitiwul, has given one of his constituents, Umar Hawa, a 7-day ultimatum to retract and apologise for some alleged defamatory comments she made against him or face him in court.

This follows a newspaper publication, a few days ago, alleging that NaBCo beneficiaries in the Bimbilla constituency were being forced to contribute monies to support the re-election bid of the Defence Minister.

The publication, titled: ‘Corruption in NaBCo in Bimbilla Constituency’ under the watch and in the name of the Defence Minister and MP, alleged that, the beneficiaries were being made to pay GHS100 to show their appreciation to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to enable the MP to run his campaign.

The MP has denied the allegations.

His lawyer, Mr Sulley Sambien, noted that he has received instructions from the minister, to sue, if an apology is not rendered to his client.

He told Class News’ Nasara Abdul Rahman that: “NaBCo employees in Bimbilla, the ladies decided that they were going to support Nitiwul in his campaign by donating some money GHS100 from October through to November.

“This was done on the blindside of Dominic.

“He didn’t even know about it and apparently, the thing got leaked.

“They have a WhatsApp platform. I was told that somebody took screenshots and sent it out to this lady and then she went on social media to say that Nitiwul had masterminded the withdrawals of monies from those ladies to support his campaign.

“Meanwhile, the guy knew nothing about it. So, Nitiwul is very very angry, I must say”, the lawyer added.

“He asked me to write to her and ask her to retract and apologise and then we move on”.

Mr Nitiwul’s lawyer added that if the lady failed to apologise and retract the statement, his client would sue her.

“I have his firm instruction to sue her,” he stated.



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