NDC’s Guinea fowls flew to Burkina Faso and never returned – Bawumia says SADA has no legacy

The Vice President says the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) project has no legacy.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia said SADA has failed because there’s no existing project under it.

“They should point out just one project in any of the 57 constituencies in the five Northern Regions after spending $100 million,” he quizzed.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosiisen political talk show Wednesday, he said the NPP has achieved a lot with its Northern Development Authority project as well as the Middle Belt and Coastal Development projects as compared to the NDC’s SADA.

He challenged the NDC to come out with any project under SADA if indeed any exists.

“The Guinea fowls flew to Burkina and never returned. The trees also got burnt,” he said.

The NDC under former President John Mahama established the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority.

The Authority was tasked with the responsibility of coordinating a comprehensive development agenda for the Savanna Ecological Zones comprising the three northern regions and stretches of Brong Ahafo and Volta Regions.

Its mandate was to assist in the development of agriculture and industry in the region to help lessen the disparity between its development and that found elsewhere in the country.

However, Vice President Bawumia said the project has failed as the NDC cannot pinpoint any significant project under SADA.


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