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NCCE to train 100,000 NABCO personnel

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build the capacity of all NABCO trainees to contribute effectively to nation-building.

The 100,000 NABCO trainees will be taken through courses such as responsible citizenship, core values and ethics, and the constitutional duties as nation builders and community advocates.

It will begin on January 20, 2020, with 567 trainers from both the NCCE and NABCO undergoing a four-week trainer of trainers course to enable them to take the beneficiaries through the training programme.

It is part of the Civic Ghana Module under NABCO.

The Chairperson of the NCCE, Ms. Josephine Nkrumah, and the Chief Executive of NABCO, Dr. Ibrahim Anyars, initialed for their respective institutions in Accra last Wednesday.


Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Nkrumah said the training would seek to inculcate in the trainees the spirit of nationalism, tolerance, and responsibility to enable them to execute their duties as citizens of Ghana.

‘‘People look up to Ghana as a beacon of democracy in West Africa that is why it is important for every single Ghanaian to do his or her bit to lift the image of the nation,’’ she remarked.

She said that civic education was a shared responsibility in every sense of the word, hence the need for everyone to play his or her part.

She said the programme would help transform the trainees into the new Ghanaians who would exhibit a high sense of patriotism and become pacesetters.


Dr. Anyars said the one-year programme would create a sense of consciousness and self-awareness among NABCO trainees to enable them to adopt certain values that would impact on the nation as a whole.

‘‘We believe that if we are able to develop the civic mindset of 100,000 young people, they will definitely make an impact on the younger generations to come, as well as the taxpayers benefiting from what they have invested in them.

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