Naa Dromor Adjei: More photos & details of lady poisoned to death by her date

The death of Naa Dromor Adjei, a curvaceous Ghanaian model who is popular on Instagram, is still trending online. Many are those who have decried the circumstances under which she died. has got some photos and interesting details about the deceased.

As earlier reported by, Naa Dromor died after being allegedly poisoned by a yet-to-be-named male friend.

Naa Dromor is said to have gone on a date with this male friend, got drugged and eventually died from complications.

A narration of the story which sighted indicated that the said guy had tried to sedate Naa Dromor by dropping a drug in her drink.

The sedative reacted badly with her system and she went into cardiac arrest. After waiting for so long to get medical attention, she died not long after being taken to the hospital.

According to’s checks, Naa Dromor is the daughter of Pastor Glitter Sowah Adjei and his wife Gloria.

She, together with her parents, are based in the United States.

Naa lived in the city of Cincinnati in Ohio state.

Naa Dromor is known to have trained as a pharmacy technician.

Aside from that, she also worked as a cosmetologist who delivered wide-ranging beauty services.

She actually had an online page selling items including hair, skin, and makeup products.


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