Mum left mortified after photo of science experiment is mistaken for sex toys

It’s now more than three months since schools were forced to close their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As time drags on, parents who are quickly trying to learn how to become teachers are having to get more creative with their homeschooling lessons.

One inventive mum conducted a science experiment for her little ones to create ‘elephant toothpaste’ – only to be left shocked at the reaction of social media users who mistook the results for X-rated sex toys.

Mum-of-two Emma Holmes set her children Harry, 9, and Isabelle, 7, the task of causing a reaction using hydrogen peroxide, yeast, and warm water.

The concoction then foams out of two empty bottles, resembling toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube big enough for an elephant.

Proud of the results her homemade science experiment had produced, she shared a picture to Twitter with the caption: “Garden science lessons.”

The post attracted a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons, gaining more than 10,000 retweets as other users pointed out the resemblance to a phallic sex toy.

Emma says she never spotted the resemblance – but now can’t unsee it (Image: Emma Holmes / SWNS)

One replied to say: “Sorry but I saw dildos in the garden” while another commented: “I need my eyes testing.”

Another added: “So many folks on here have spent three months looking at the wrong kinda websites. Naughty people.”

When one cheekily asked what Emma had used to make it explode, she saw the funny side and replied: “Two tablespoons warm water, one teaspoon yeast, food colouring, hydrogen peroxide – either 3% or 6% dish soap, empty plastic bottle. Boom – homemade dildo looking a mess.”

Emma, a paralegal from Leeds, said: “It was so funny but so surreal. It has had like six million views on Twitter or something, the internet is a strange place.

“I honestly didn’t see it at first, but now everyone has mentioned it, I can’t unsee it.

“Twitter has corrupted my mind. It just so happened that we used red food colouring and it turned it pink which made it worse if it wasn’t that colour it wouldn’t look so bad.

“I thought nobody wants to stay inside doing English and Maths when the weather is like this, so I decided to take them out and do something fun.

“I couldn’t believe the reaction, I’m only on Twitter to follow updates on the Leeds United matches and to follow a few legal blogs.

“But one innocent picture has gone worldwide it has been mental. I have been tweeted by people all around the world.

“I took the picture and posted it without checking it, I didn’t think anyone would mistake it for anything else.

“But that is the corrupted mind of Twitter.

“I showed it to my dad and he was in fits of laughter. He was like ‘come on Emma, how did you not see it?’

“I was just trying to do something fun for the kids, that will teach me to think in future.”




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