Maternal Death: The Silent Killer

What really is the crime in being pregnant or having a baby? This is a question that demands answers if there are any. Man has to procreate so as to protect us from going into extinction. But there is this terror that has been scaring us from trying to undertake this good idea of procreation and this terror is none other than maternal death (death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy).

The report published by the Ghana Health Service in 2016 indicated there has been a rise in maternal death for the past 3 years and most of these deaths happen in the teaching hospitals. One may ask the question, what is really causing this abrupt increase in maternal death. This is a very vital question which needs to be attended to as soon as possible so that this canker of our pregnant women dying during pregnancy or after pregnancy will be thrown in the dustbin of history.

Literature has made it known that these deaths increases due to some direct or indirect factors. The direct factors are as a result of complications of the pregnancy and hemorrhage is the leading direct cause of maternal mortality which contributes about 39% of the death as reported by the Ghana Health Service. Also, unsafe abortion is another factor of maternal mortality. The World Health Organization reported in 2009 that, every 8 minutes a woman dies from modern complications arising from unsafe abortion. How pathetic it is right?

All these calls for hands to be placed on deck to help eradicate these cankers affecting our sisters, mothers, or wives dying just trying their best to uphold this holy command of procreation.

Measures such as allocating of resources in the maternal health care system , improve quality of antenatal care, comprehensive package of health and diet services, easy accessibility of skilled personnel can be undertaken to help reduce the cases of maternal death if not all, at least to the barest minimum.


Dr. Kingsley Preko

Dr. T Derrick


Alhaji Sani Alhassan

Physician Assistant Studies

Level 200

University of Cape Coast

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