Man’s Tinder date deceives him with ‘fake’ photos from unexpected source

Just when you think you’ve heard every bizarre dating story under the sun, a new one comes along to make your mind boggle.

This particular one taps into every online/app dater’s fear that their “match” may not actually look like their photos.

Of course, we all put the best possible version of ourselves out there on the likes of Tinder, but one man’s suspicions that he’d been deceived turned out to be true – in the most unexpected and bizarre way.

“I’m on Tinder and I see a cute chick so I swipe right,” the man explains on Reddit.

“In two of her pics it’s clear she has a twin. Cool. Not identical, but close enough. They were both above the shoulder shots. We start talking and she’s ramping up to be perfect, you know how crushes are yadda yadda.”

The pair quickly arranged their first date, with the man getting there early and waiting outside.

“[…] she shows up much larger than in her pics, but she’s still cute and I’m not a picky man. I figured that the pictures she’d used were from last year and that’s fine. Not all my pics are recent either, I just threw up my best.

“The date was actually awesome. The crush is still strong even as I’m typing it but…”

Something made the man suspicious. Not just the photos of her twin, but also how his date talked about her.

He explained: “Nothing bad, just… dismissive? I don’t know how to describe it.”

So he decided to do a little digging.

“I check Facebook and the pictures she had used were from her sister’s profile (not fully public but one was her profile pic and another one was visible on there so I’m guessing the rest are hers too).

“And I’m not sure how to feel now. On one hand, I like her. On the other, she’s using her sisters pics to get dates and that’s… weird??

“But they’re twins so she legit would look just like her sis if she lost a bit of weight so it’s not really lying??? And I get why she did it, we all got flaws we wanna pretend aren’t there, but????”

Confused, the man turned to his colleagues to ask if he should go on a second date, and they were divided on the issue. One thought he was fat-shaming and lacking in empathy.

As for the response to his post, they all seemed to think he was being fair.

One read: “You are under no obligation to go on a second date. Period. Plus, she lied, and hid it. So, don’t fall into that type of relationship where it’s already based off lies. Good luck.”

Though based on the fact the man actually seemed to like his date, others urged him to give it a chance.

“The end result is that you got catfished. Doesn’t really matter that it’s her twin, she’s using pictures of someone that isn’t her to get dates.

“However, I also think you should at least see where it goes? If you really like this girl then I think it’s worth seeing where this goes.”

As it turns out, there isn’t going to be a second date.

The man later wrote: “I ended up texting her after work: ‘Hey I went to add you on Facebook and your sister’s profile popped up. What’s going on?’ with a screenshot of her sister’s profile (since she had used her sis’s profile pic on Tinder.)

“Aaaaaand she blocked me. Without explaining anything. So I guess that decides that.”



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