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Man wraps neighbour’s car in plastic after they stole his parking space

When a woman stole Tobe Bailey’s car parking space he came up with an incredible way to make sure she wouldn’t make the same mistake again – and luckily she found the prank funny.

Tobe Bailey, 49, had grown tired of people parking outside his house, so when a blue Vauxhall Corsa blocked his drive he went to extreme measures to get his point across.

At first the dad of seven attached a note to the windscreen of the car, but when it was still there a day and a half later he wrapped the entire car in black cellophane.

Bricklayer and handyman Tobe said: “I live in a street with 26 houses and 24 parking spaces.

“Me and the Mrs spent about £2,000 putting a dropped curb in last year and clear signs telling people not to park there but people still do all the time.

“At least two or three times a week, we get some idiot blocking us in.”

He explained that when he got home from work one night he saw a car parked there.

Not only could he not park in his space, but his daughter was also blocked in.

He said: “I wrote a note and stuck it on the windscreen, telling the owner to move it.

“I opened a can of beer and sat on the balcony and waited”

But nothing happened – the car was still there the next day, so he decided to get revenge.

“I’d just had a load of pallet wrap delivered and I thought ‘right’ and wrapped it across the car. The owner soon came out after that.

“It was a young girl who had just moved in next door but one.

“She was very apologetic.

“She said “very funny” and said she won’t park there again.”

Tobe pulled a harmless prank on the woman who parked in his space (Image: Triangle News)

Tobe explained that he likes to get his point across in a funny and harmless way, and that he’s not doing it to be malicious at all.

“It only took her a few minutes to take the wrap off and her car was cleaner after because of it” he added.

Tobe said his wife Amanda and the four children of his that live with him in Margate, Kent, found the stunt hilarious.

But this isn’t the first prank Tobe has pulled on a person who parked in his place.

“Another time, a man parked a car across my driveway and when I told him he couldn’t park there, he told me he was a child of God and could park where he likes.

“I told him I am also a child of God and had the right not to have my driveway blocked.

“He didn’t listen and just walked away, so I used a car jack to hoist it up.

“When he came back, he got in the car and started it but of course, couldn’t drive anywhere.

“He had to knock on my door and eventually apologized.

“He never parked there again.”

Tobe shared a picture of the car on Facebook and received over 100 comments from friends who found his prank hilarious

One wrote: “Love to see their face when they turn up…priceless!”

Another commented: “Lmao, well done mate.”

A third also added: “This is too funny, I can’t think of anyone else who would do this.”

Others called Tobe a “legend” and “brilliant”.


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