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Man slaps his wife, a mother of 8, to death for refusing to breastfeed their baby

One Kingsley Madukwe has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife, Glory Madukwe, to death for refusing to breastfeed their crying one-month-old baby at Egando, Atan – Ota, Ogun State.

The incident happened at about 11:30 pm on Wednesday night. On interrogation, the commercial motorcycle rider stated that his late wife and mother-of-eight, was nursing a month-old baby and that the baby was crying which made him wake her up to breastfeed the baby, but she refused, claiming that she was too tired to breastfeed at that time.

He stated that Glory got up and was going to the sitting room, leaving the baby behind and this got him annoyed, consequent upon which he drew her back and gave her a hot slap.

The wife then fell down and gave up the ghost. Her corpse has been sent to the General Hospital Ota mortuary for post mortem examination.

Source: Kemifilani

This woman has given birth to 8 children, at what point does her husband realize that she’s too tired. If you have a newborn baby in the house you’ll know how much time and effort these women put into taking care of these little ones. Why do you strike your wife simply because she’s too tired to care for her newborn? You could have picked the baby up until she calms down. Most men believe it’s manly to be giving orders around the house and NOT lift a finger to help because you have a job.

Caring for 8 children is a lot of work especially if you don’t have any help. My heart breaks for these children because they lost a loving mother who didn’t get the support she needs to raise them. To all women, you’re more than baby-making machines, you know your body and at what point you should say no more babies for me. Your life depends on it and remember, you came to this life alone and you’ll leave alone so no one has the right to make decisions for you but you!

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