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Man returns home to meet wife’s lover in his room wearing a skirt

A Kenyan man named Elphas Angulo was on-board a car to another town to attend a funeral but at a point in the journey, he felt a strong urge to alight suddenly and return home.

Little did he know that it was his wife of 15 years whose adulterous cup was full and God was inviting him to witness the event.

“I was going to Busia for burial but at 11 pm at night I decided to get off the car and return home. When I reached home I knocked and she came to receive me,” he told Citizen TV.

He said as soon as his beautiful wife opened the door for him, he heard another person open the inner door with a suspicious force.

He then hurried to ascertain who could have been in the room with his wife he had always trusted for a decade and a half of marriage.

To Angulo’s surprise, there was another man in the house with his wife at that ungodly hour, wearing a skirt.

When he questioned her, she recited the cliched anthem that she was just running an errand for the devil.

“She told me the devil tempted her and left my house later. I was left with three kids and she has never returned till date,” Angulo said in the interview.


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