Lady confesses to sleeping with reverend fathers; says they are good in bed

A lady who wrote anonymously to a social media page seeking help has confessed to sleeping with Reverend Fathers. Identified as Lara, the lady said she has become so obsessed with this habit that she can’t let go of the reverend fathers because they are good in bed.

According to Lara, she has had only one boyfriend before meeting her first reverend father boyfriend, and since then, she does not want to have any ordinary boyfriend anymore. Apart from their bed prowess, she added that the reverend fathers are caring, kind, and would not break a woman’s heart. The only problem she has to endure with such relation is the transfer of the fathers to and from other stations, cutting their relationship short.

Lara, according to a report sighted by YEN.com.gh on pulse.com.gh, has dated three revered fathers so far. “I’ve had an affair with 3 different priests and so far they are very good in everything”, she said “Ever since I’ve known men, the ones who have made me happy are Reverend Fathers.

I only had one boyfriend before I met the first Reverend Father that I had an affair with. He was so caring and good in bed but because they get transferred, it cuts the affairs short. “…I really want to stop dating priests but I’m obsessed with them. What do I do?” Lara wrote.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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