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Kwahu: How raunchy girls are washing cars at Mpraeso

A car washing bay at Kwahu Mpraeso in the Eastern Region turned the quiet town on its head with raunchy car wash that had bikini wearing girls washing vehicles.

Twisting and turning to music blasting from a sound system, they danced in seductive ways attracting cheers from a crowd that had gathered.

Some New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters who were on a health walk temporarily abandoned their walk to give their eyes a feast.

Some overly excited young men in the crowd run over to the raunchy girls touching their buttocks.

The girls responded with a smile while rubbing their backs in front of the young guys.

The crowd went wild with some shouting “I have a motorbike wash it for me. I’m bringing my car, wash it and wash me too. Please wash my bicycle.”

Others took to taking selfies with the girls.

Meanwhile, the Ghana AIDS Commission is conducting aids test at the Kwahu Paragliding site.

By 10am on Saturday morning, 173 people had done the test with a negative result.

A testing officer, Mr Lord Ofei-Darko, told Graphic Online that the test is meant to encourage the public to know their HIV status.

“Knowing your status would ensure that you take extra care in protecting yourself and that of others,” he said.
He said others all the test had negative.

He urged the public to know their HIV status to ensure that they know how to sexually relate to people.

|Graphic Online

Women and girls are soooo much better than this…

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