Kim Jong-un asks officials to tackle food shortage

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un called on his officials to deal with food supply issues and highlighted the danger of climate change.

Typhoons last year badly impacted vital crops, while weeks of drought followed by heavy monsoon rains have damaged them this year as well.

He said measures to overcome “abnormal climate” were needed, and asked also officials to tackle drought and floods.

His comments came in a speech to the ruling party’s Politburo on Thursday.

Mr Kim had said that the “danger” of climate change had become “higher in recent years adding that “urgent action” needed to be taken.

Mr Kim also called for improvements to the country’s flood management infrastructure saying: “River improvement, afforestation for erosion control, dyke maintenance and tide embankment projects”, should be prioritised.

Apart from the damage caused by natural disasters, North Korea’s economy has been hit hard by international sanctions, as well as border closures and harsh lockdowns to prevent the spread of Covid.

Although North Korea has not reported any Covid cases, it has sealed its borders and imposed lockdowns.

The border closures have affected vital imports from China.

“Tightening epidemic prevention is the task of paramount importance which must not be loosened even a moment under the present situation,” said Mr Kim, according to state media.

Earlier this week, the UN said North Korea had rejected an offer of almost three million Covid-19 jabs.

A spokesperson said the country had asked that the shots be relocated to harder hit nations in view of global vaccine shortages.



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