I’ve not been served with any criminal summons – Xavier Sosu

The Madina MP, Francis-Xavier Sosu, has said he has not been officially notified of any criminal summons against him.

This follows his absence from two court hearings at a district court where the police is accusing him of some illegal activities when he organised a demonstration for the rehabilitation of poor roads in his constituency.

The MP, who claims he has been out of the country has allegedly escaped several attempts by the police to arrest him and has since sued the law enforcement agency for trampling on his right to protest.

In an interview with Citi News, Mr. Sosu indicated that the case against him might not continue due to his countersuit.

“I haven’t been served. I would be the last person not to respect the authority of the court,” he said to Citi News.

He however added that, “If I am served, I would be there.”

Mr. Sosu has filed a motion in the High Court to uphold his right to protest, as well as an injunction application to restrain any further arrest until the resolution of the suit.

Because of the hierarchy of courts, the suit at the district court will be dependent on the outcome of the High Court case.

“I am hopeful that there wouldn’t even be the need to for us to go back to the District court until it is settled at the High Court,” Mr. Sosu said.


Mr. Sosu led some of his constituencs in a demonstration against bad roads on October 25, which the police contend included some unlawful acts, hence the attempt to arrest the MP.

The MP said police even manhandled him on the day of the protest, and had reported two police officers to Parliament.

There were also police officers present at a church service to arrest the MP, although the police have denied that there wasn’t such an attempt.

The police eventually secured a criminal summons for Mr. Sosu to appear in court on November 8, 2021.

The MP, however, missed the court date because he was out of the country.

On November 16, 2021, he failed to show up again in court.



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