I’m Not Under Any Pressure – Jessica Williams

Actress Jessica Williams is not bothered by families and fans who have been putting incessant pressure on her to get married.

Speaking on Angel TV’s Purple Room on Wednesday about her upcoming film, ‘Fix Us’, which premieres on December 6 at the Accra Mall, Jessica seized the opportunity to advise people to desist from putting pressure on celebrities to get married but rather focus on their (people) lives.

According to her, marriage is a personal choice and it should not be anyone’s business to pressurise the other person to go for it.

“If you are ready and you meet a man who understands you and both of you have come to accept that you want to get married, why not? But it shouldn’t be because someone says your time is up and so you should get married. It is not right to tell me to go get married. You don’t dictate my life for me. So, it is no pressure for me,” she said.

She added that she does not succumb to any pressure when such persons from her family put her in that situation.

Jessica is one of Ghana’s current actresses doing very well for themselves. She has a number of movies to her credit and known in the showbiz circles.

Not much is, however, known about her love life but everyone knows she is not married.

The actress disclosed that she is focused on building her career, and marriage would come when she so wishes to settle down with someone.

By Francis Addo|DGN Online

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