I was not completely naked- Akuapem Poloo defends nude photo with son

Daring actress and socialite, Akuapem Poloo, is back with an explanation after receiving massive jabs from some celebrities and Ghanaians after she posted a nude photo with her son.

She revealed he is her first fruit and exposing her nakedness in his presence is a normal thing for them since they even bath together.

However, she made a quick u-turn to say she was not completely naked; her breast and private part were covered, leaving just her thighs and a little skin bare.

“I was not completely naked, my boobs, private parts were covered to restrain my pubic hair. He did not see my organs because I covered myself with a cloth and applied sellotapes to the necessary parts. Besides the picture was taken in my own house,” she said.

Defending her choice of photoshoot, Akuapem Poloo hinted the attention should be on the ‘knowledgeable’ caption rather than the photo, adding socialites will only appreciate the photo if they understand her intent.

“I went through a lot to give birth and the photo was a perfect way of transmitting my message. The message is simple; don’t desert your parents no matter what, whether insanity or whatever. Never be ashamed of your mother because she went through a lot to bring you into this world. That is exactly what I want my son to know and that is the reason behind my post,” she explained.

Akuapem Poloo added she had never had a photoshoot with her son and his 7th birthday was the perfect opportunity to pair with him and she is pleased with the concept.

She is, however, not bothered about critics, especially when the two most important people in her life (her mother and baby daddy) have given her a nod.


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