I prefer Caribbean men; Ghanaian men are domineering liars – Paulina Oduro

Veteran musician, Paulina Oduro has stated that she dated foreigners in her heyday because Ghanaian men are domineering and cannot be trusted.

According to her, Ghanaian men are liars and most of them are not straightforward.

The ‘Tsina Menkyen’ hitmaker indicated that she could not stay longer in her last marriage with a Ghanaian man due to the excessive lies in the relationship.

Speaking on ‘The Delay Show’, Paulina Oduro said most of her relationships were with men from the Caribbean.

“I dated men from the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic because I grew up with them. Sorry to say: I didn’t know many Ghanaian men at the time but one thing I realized about Ghanaian men was: they have to learn not to lie.

They lie a lot; they have to be straightforward and stop lying. They are too controlling, that is why I couldn’t stay with them for a longer period. Don’t forget my father is also a Ghanaian, I have dated some Ghanaian men but I just have preferences as to how I would like to be treated,” Paulina Oduro said.    

Source: Osei

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