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How to make reading a fun hobby for kids

These 5 tips will make your shaves mess free

1. Children and reading

It’s getting harder and harder to raise a reader. Children these days have a lot of distractions that have been scientifically engineered to be attractive and addictive. Also, schools and schoolwork take up so much of their day, making them read often feels like punishing them. While asking them to read when they are not willing to, may seem like a punishment, but if they start finding it an interesting exercise, it can transform their world!

Reading is not only fun but also important for children. Several studies have found that reading is good for the brain, good in encouraging empathy and boosts one’s intelligence overall. This habit is best inculcated in childhood. A study found that those who grew up in a house with more books, usually learn more. Here are some ways to ensure you raise a reader.

2. Start early

Even as your child is learning to speak, make sure you introduce them to picture books. As soon as they start taking an interest in their surroundings, sit with them and read aloud, encouraging them to enjoy the pictures and touch the book. As they age, always make sure they have books as per their age. Let them buy what they want. Do not be put off if they are attracted towards comics and superhero series.

This is a great alternative to always giving them a phone or a video, which might be overstimulating them and spoiling books for them.

3. Make sure they always have reading material

Make sure there is always something new to read available. Keep track on the new children’s books coming out and make sure there are always enough classic and contemporary literature at your child’s reading level at home. This ensures that whenever the child needs something to do, books are available. Make sure they are of various genres so your child can try new types of books

Frequently buy or borrow books and remember to pack books when traveling, even if you’re visiting family, so your child can pick up the book when bored, rather than beg for your phone.

4. Let them choose some of their own books

It is vital to let children choose their own books. This alone makes it a voluntary hobby rather than a chore you assigned. Of course you should get them books to ensure they’re trying diverse genre’s and books you enjoyed yourself but for every book they read for you, let them pick one of their own. Don’t be disappointed if they enjoy different types of books than you did or books that aren’t the ones recommended by the school, or other sources. They are still young and their tastes are evolving, the important thing is they are enjoying reading. This applies to children of all ages.

5. Make sure they read before they sleep

This is an easy habit to start, read to them in bed, just before they’re to fall asleep until they’re old enough to read to themselves. Several studies have found that blue light from the screens of gadgets disrupt sleep and should be banned before bedtime anyway. Ensure that, no matter what, that time is reserved for reading.

6. Take them to literary events

There are many children’s book fairs, interactive reading sessions and even book clubs for children happening in most cities and you should take your child to these to immerse them in a literary atmosphere. If you cannot find any around where you live, try organising some!

7. Discuss books with them as an equal

When you take an interest in your child’s reading, it validates the hobby. Many adults have a habit of talking down or patronising children but you must avoid this when discussing books, for then you belittle their passion. Talk to them as an equal. No matter how irritatingly basic the plot, hear what they have to say about it and ask them questions on how they feel, what they would do in that situation etc. Try to make connections between their book and real life.

8. Set an example

If you have always been an avid reader, this isn’t difficult to do. Simply by observing that books are a part of your life your child will start to respect reading. Read a book around them where you can and when discussing their book, tell them about your own. If you aren’t a reader, you can build up your own reading habit as you build your child’s.


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