Homeless man unrecognisable after kind barber gives him a free haircut

A talented barber took to TikTok to share the incredible before and after results from a haircut he recently gave to a homeless man that he claims asked him for money.

A kind-hearted barber who gave a homeless man a free haircut has transformed him into a “supermodel”.

The barber, who goes by the username on TikTok, shared before and after footage of the man’s makeover – and he looks completely different.

Jay claims that the anonymous man had asked him for a dollar so he could “save up enough for a haircut to get a job”, reports Daily Star.

“He lost his kids and just wants his family back,” Jay explained.

But at the time that he supposedly asked Jay for change, the homeless man was none the wiser that he was in fact a barber – and one who was kind enough to cut his hair for free.

In the clip, the barber shows what the man looked like before the haircut – with a long grown-out beard and thick out-of-control hair.

It then skips to the ‘after’ shot – and the transformation is incredible.

His once unruly locks had been replaced with a styled combover and skin fade.

Since being posted, the video has been liked more than 300 times and has left people in the comments stunned by how different he looks.

One person said: “Supermodel yo.”

Another added: “Killed it,” whilst a third exclaimed: “AMAZING.”

And someone else commented: “Just saved a life.”

This isn’t the first time a homeless man has been completely transformed with a free trim.

Previously, French celebrity barber David Kodat shared results from a haircut he gave a man who came by his shop.

The man who came in with long straggly hair, which clearly hadn’t been combed or tended to in a long time, saw it completely chopped off and his beard was given some much-needed TLC.

Take a look at the results here.


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