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In 2013, Jenipher Mukite’s whole life changed in an instant. It was her mother’s answer to a question both she and her siblings had feared asking that altered her present, past and future in one sweep.

As a father, if my daughter comes to tell me that her dream is to marry a poor guy, I will feel that I have invested in her in vain.

Teens fixated on their smartphones experience changes to their brain chemistry that mirror those prompted by addiction, a new study suggests.

As a father, if my daughter comes to tell me that her dream is to marry a poor guy, I will feel that I have invested in her in vain.

Are you just giving up? Have you ever, in the middle of a fight or particularly painful moment in your relationship, flashed to the idea of “just breaking up” as a way to end the problems?

Many of us are still looking for The One – the guy we will spend the rest of our lives with. Our soul mate who will be there for us all the time, loving us, comforting us, sharing moments with us and protecting us.

Civil Society Group Food Sovereignty Ghana has sued government again over plans to commercialize Genetically Modified Foods in the country.The group in a fresh suit dated November 23, against the National Biosafety Committee and four others, is seeking declarations on whether required processes and laws have been adhered to in the ongoing plans to commercialise GMOs.

If you follow food lovers on Instagram or consider yourself up-to-date on the latest healthy drink trends in the U.S., you've probably already heard about golden milk.

The active ingredient in "magic mushrooms" may help patients with tough-to-treat depression, a new study suggests.

Beauty aficionados know all too well just how pricey quality makeup can be, which makes one Georgia woman’s discovery at a Sephora store all the more painful.

An Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist, Dr Clarence Oteng Addo-Yobo, has urged parents to take their girls to a gynecologist first if they observe signs of mental instability.

Putting on makeup these days is almost as natural and automatic as dressing in clothes. A lot of women can’t even leave their homes without their go-to products.

Well-known Ghanaian fashion designer, Joyce Ababio, has said that established fashion designers in this country must cooperate to collectively help move the business forward.

The X-retail platform will feature vendors selling pieces from collections and various promotional competitions.

The eyes of the world will soon converge on Accra, Ghana for the Ghana Fashion & Design Week 2016. Running from the 21th to 23rd of October 2016, this year’s event has been tagged; the Neo Africa edition.